I lost about 20 pounds in 2 months from the slow carb diet from four hour body. That was about a year ago, now it’s time to shed this weight again. It’s tough not working near a chipotle, I love the bowl and it’s great for slow carb.

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Back on the Slow Carb Diet



Hit up Pizza Roma in College Park today with Chris and Kevin… love their pizza, but the burger was lack luster šŸ˜¦


Mining Company Slogans

I’m bored at school, even though no one will read this, I’m going to spit out some mining company slogans.

Rockfield Mining
“Mining, at a deeper level”
“Giving a new definition to underground”
“More TNT than ACDC”
“Rocking your world since 1982”
“Giving a new meaning to my shaft”
“Gravel gravel!”

These aren’t even good, but now they are on the internet.